Young athletes need discipline to develop their soccer and life skills. We believe that inculcating discipline is a vital part of developing a well rounded athlete



Respect is a vital part of life. Soccer players and athletes in general need have self respect, respect of others, and respect of the sport to succeed.



Young athletes need to be able to develop as team members first to become apt soccer players. We believe that team values such as collaboration, support, and leadership are pivotal for a soccer player’s development.



Athletes need to be physically and mentally strong to excel at any sport, particularly soccer. Soccer demands focus, stamina, strength, and perseverance. We believe that mental strength and resilience is as important as physical strength.


NJGW provides kids and teenagers with professional-level soccer training and mentorship. Our programs focus on developing the technical and positional skills that young athletes need to develop their soccer and athletic careers. We also provide tailored physical training programs for young athletes who want to develop their speed, endurance, reaction-time, and overall fitness level.

NJGW focuses on developing proficient soccer players through our Academy, camps, and seasonal clinics. We are conducting try outs later this year via appointment. Please join our mailing list to reserve a spot. We operate out of —– in New Jersey.

For try out opportunities or for more information about our camps and clinics, please click here.

About the Coach

Head Coach Sergio Torres – Founder and CEO

NJGW’s Head Coach and Founder, Sergio Torres, became a professional Soccer player at Millonarios FC (Colombia) when he was 16 years old. Coach Torres played and trained at the lower divisions of professional teams throughout his youth years before becoming a professional player.

Coach Torres graduated top of his class at the University of Maryland, College Park, and was the commencement student speaker for his graduating class in 2014. Coach Torres went to Law School at the University of California, Berkeley and spent his last year at Harvard Law, where he focused his studies on Tax Law.

Coach Torres believes that discipline, respect, teamwork, and mental and physical strength are necessary pillars for individuals to become high-performance, well-rounded athletes.

“I founded NJGW with the sole purpose of helping young athletes maximize their physical and academic output. I believe that soccer is an excellent way to build and develop core skills and values necessary to maximize one’s potential. If you are part of this club, it is because I believe you have the potential to perform at a high level.

Becoming a proficient soccer player requires commitment, discipline, and resolve. Anyone can master the sport, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to do so. I am here to show you that it can be done, and you are here to prove me right.”

- Sergio Torres